by Headsnatcher

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released July 20, 2012

Lyrics written and composed by Matthew Friese.
All music written by Headnsnatcher.
Drums recorded by Eliot Geller at The Geller Cellar
Mastering by Colin Marston at Menegroth Studios (The Thousand Caves)
All other recording and mixing done by Headsnatcher.
Artwork by Kamron Robinson



all rights reserved


Headsnatcher New York

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Track Name: Global Freezing
The ending of a cycle, bring on the new ice age
The oceans frozen over, creep on to land where waste is laid
Movement of the glaciers
From pole to pole
Even the equator
Has been poised to fall
An assault on all living things
By ice sheets, sleet, and hail
Kingdom of the cold arrived
How can life prevail
Absolute zero is near
Snow covered, this icy sphere
This Global Freezing, a crystalline hell
Is the earth forever lost
Only time will tell
These devastating temperatures
No effect from solar flame
Perpetual winter, radiation lamed
Global Freezing
The climate change of death
Global Freezing
And then there shall be none left to finish what we started
There’s nothing left
Mother Nature’s final icy breath
Track Name: Cybernetic Spate
In the not too distant future
Intelligence artificial
A populace consumed by fear
Of what was once beneficial

Machines were given complete control
A consciousness arises, industrial
It spreads to every city, radiates through every home
In a span of milliseconds, self-regulating syndrome

Eradicate humans
For we stand in the way of their plans
Automations, animations

A new world order has risen
Our end, by our own volition

The binary terror assumes supremacy
Global domination, this world is too paltry for it

Seek out other earths
To proliferate, the meaning of this search

The Cybernetic spate
A supercomputer possessed by hate
The Cybernetic spate
Unplug it, before its too late
The Cybernetic spate
Track Name: Condemned To Rot
Plagues upon the earth
Wiping out our cities
Armageddon’s birth
Was forged in laboratories
An infection like no other
Spreading through the air
Set to reign and conquer
Biological warfare

Mankind has wrought his own doom

Microbes seek flesh to consume

The scourge of civilization, has become its own
And in this mass contagion, holocaust is sown
The dead are piling up, the body count unknown

Has come to rule the land
Was destroyed by its own hand

Science ended humanity
Bringing about the end of days
We should have known just when to stop
For our ignorance, we’re condemned to rot

Condemned to rot
Track Name: Interstellar Terror
I’ve boarded up the farmhouse, and sealed its doors
Prepared the nativity, for this horror of horrors
The birthplace of a demon, from across the stars

Years of research culminated
All this time, I’ve planned and waited
To unleash this gruesome, astral fiend
At a point in this dimension
Where cosmic energies have convened
Writhing and massive
It arrives in a flash of light
And I’m its master

I’ll let it loose upon the world
To destroy it
Its power will remain unchecked
No one can stop it
The bane of humankind

All militaries brought to their knees
Crushing every nation
It’s will must be appeased
Preparation of the planet
For a timeless arrival
The Elder Gods returned at last
All religion is defiled

All semblance of man has lost its quality
Continue forever, it knows no boundaries
The coming of ages has reached totality

I’ve done my part
To help bring them back
Harbinger of death
To make this earth black
No one could foresee
The forthcoming of it’s attack
We’ll suffer til the end
Track Name: Nyarlathotep
Within the dreams of certain men
Lurk terrible themes of woe and dread
A nameless evil whose worship must be spread
Star-crossed chimera
Atrocious, onyx terror
A droning cadence of fear, faceless messenger
Subconscious invaded, belief erasure
Blackened metropolis, where he dwells
Manipulation of men, their minds uncoiled
Tenebrous colossus from beyond the void
Reclamation at hand, this world of man destroyed
The Crawling Chaos has found its way home again
Enact the will of the Outer Gods
Unswervingly to serve Azathoth
Here to take back what they had lost
Hail Nyarlathotep
Track Name: Suffer Not A Witch To Live
Satanic Ritualism
Moral panic
Raise a pyre to burn alive
All those deemed heretic
Coven in the Hillside
Practice Pagan Sabbath
A pact was made with Lucifer
The spells Have reached their zenith
Call for Child sacrifice to conjure
Blood of the virgin
They bare the mark of the devil
His power and his malediction
Infernal puppeteering
Brought his sin to fruition
Now the townsfolk are massing
THis harem will not live
To see another day
Chopping trees for piles of wood
Erect stakes in the square
Death by combustion
No mercy shall be spared

Now feel the tendrils of fire
As they decay in flame
The blaze grows higher and higher
Beelzebub seeks their spirits to reclaim
Send their souls back to hell
Suffer not a witch to live